8 Ball Pool is an addicting game with a genius matchmaking system. Instead of playing for a rank, you play for coins.
However, it can be difficult to win games against players that use real money to purchase better pool cues. Not only is this frustrating, it can be extremely unfair for casual players like yourself.
Fortunately for you, GamerAuthority offers a free 8 Ball Pool hack that works for Facebook, Android and iOS.
The 8 Ball Pool cheat enables you to obtain as many free coins and cash as you’d like. There are no downloads or payments, and your account is kept safe with the secure encryption tool.
No longer will you have to wait around all day for your daily spin to arrive.
Feel free to read through the article to learn why the 8 Ball Pool hack is completely free.
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8 Ball Pool Cheats

I created this website in order to share an exploit I discovered about large gaming companies. There is an in-depth explanation of this secret on my about page. Head on over there if you want to learn more.
Basically, this exploit allows me the access the 8 Ball Pool database where every account is stored. I can then safely adjust the amount of coins and cash on any account, completely undetected.
I made the 8 Ball Pool hack tool streamline the process so you can receive your coins instantly. Rather than manually injecting your account, the generator does it automatically.
Simply select the platform (Android, iOS, or Facebook) you play 8 Ball pool on, input your username or email, and choose the amount of coins and cash you wish to receive.
The generator will then immediately deliver the resources into your account.

Why are you giving away free 8 Ball Pool cash and coins?

A game as simple and fun as 8 Ball Pool should not require real money in order to succeed. I hope to even up the playing field and promote a fair gaming experience for everyone.
Since I discovered this 8 Ball Pool cheat for free, I do not have any desire to charge individuals for this service. As a computer programmer, a few extra dollars is not as important as helping out less fortunate individuals in the gaming community.
Growing up, my family was not very wealthy and I couldn’t afford to play many video games. However, when the iPhone and iPod Touch first came out, every game on the app store was free to play. I had a wonderful time playing all sorts of free games.
The games soon added in-game purchases that required real money to continue enjoying the game. I was devastated by this new phenomenon because I had no money to spend on buying virtual items inside the game.
I had to quit playing video games, and I vowed to provide an outlet for players to receive free games and items when I was older.
Now that I’m in a position to supply an 8 Ball Pool hack, that is exactly what I intend to do. My only goal is to bring happiness to younger gamers that are suffering like I once did. Not everything should have to cost money, especially video games.
These massive gaming companies like 8 Ball Pool are making millions of dollars by selling virtual in-game currency. Millions of gamers have no choice but to cough up the money because playing video games is their main hobby.
I’m tired of these companies stealing money and hope to enhance the experiences of the entire gaming community.
Below you’ll find the link to the 8 Ball Pool hack.

How to use the 8 Ball Pool hack

Check out my video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the 8 Ball Pool hacks.
  • Click the 8 Ball Pool Hack link to enter the generator
  • Enter in your username or email address
  • Choose either Android, iOS, or Facebook
  • Enable the encryption software to secure your account
  • Select the amount of cash and coins you wish to receive
  • Press ‘Generate’ to begin loading your account
  • Complete a short survey to prove you’re not a bot


This process takes a total of 1-2 minutes and is simple to follow. The coins and cash are delivered within seconds into your account.
I built in an anti-bot survey to prevent bots from crashing the generator. Bots have flooded my generator before causing the 8 Ball Pool hack to freeze. The quick survey ensures that the 8 Ball Pool hack works for everyone.
As soon as the survey is filled out, the coins and cash are instantly delivered into your 8 Ball Pool account.
You will quickly realize that this is the easiest way of obtaining free 8 Ball Pool cash and coins. I guarantee a smooth process allowing you to play the game right away with your upgraded account.